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Dog Boarding Software Features

If your pet care business relies on paper forms or a confusing online system, it’s time for an upgrade. Our powerful dog boarding software is an easy-to-use system that will transform how you organize and manage your kennel. With Revelation Pets, your business can simplify, optimize, earn more, and save time. With fewer moments spent shuffling through paperwork or hunting for the right form, you’ll have more time to dedicate to the dogs in your care.

See An Overview of Each Day in Your Dog Kennel

The easily accessible dashboard provides a snapshot of your entire day. See arrivals, departures, appointments, and occupancy, all in one place.

From the dashboard, you can check dogs in and out with one click, communicate with customers, print boarding cards, and easily search your records. If you’re ready to move on from manual records, our kennel software is a simple but full-featured step up.

Save Time With Effective Reservation Management

Our user-friendly booking tool is designed to free up your precious time. You can make a reservation or check in a pet in just seconds! And with split bookings, you can fill up every space at your facility.

With an intuitive reservation system, you can easily provide advanced booking features for your and your customers’ convenience. Enjoy simple but powerful waitlists, vaccination alerts, automatic booking reminders, and flexible rates for discounts or upsells.

Optimize Operations with Empowering Customer Portal

Our customer portal gives your kennel’s clients the power to independently complete essential tasks at their convenience.

Through the mobile-optimized portal, customers can easily check availability, make one-time or repeating reservations for boarding, make payments, and both access and provide key information such as vaccination records and pet activity.

Secure Online and In-Person Payment Processing

Save time by collecting payments for your kennel bookings right in Revelation Pets. Integrations with Stripe, Square, and Revelation Pets payment allow you to easily process online and in-person payments.

Customers can easily pay outstanding invoices and purchase credit packages in our safe and secure online system.

Comprehensive Reporting with Quickbooks Integration

One advantage of dog boarding software is the ability to gather and export useful data with just a few clicks. Dynamic and customizable reports can cover information including: arrivals and departures, occupancy, sales, vaccinations, bookings, payments, medical and dietary notes, and even birthdays! Financial reports can integrate seamlessly with the tools you already use, like Quickbooks and Xero.

Effective, Intuitive Customer Communications

Clear communication helps everyone stay in the loop, but it’s frustrating to spend hours making phone calls and sending emails. With Revelation Pets’ dog boarding software, automated email and SMS tools make communication a breeze.

Customers can receive automatic booking confirmations and reminders about their pet’s upcoming stay. And out-of-town clients will never have to worry about how their furry friends are doing: accessible by email or through the customer portal, activity reports with photos and emoticons make it easy to check in.

Organize your Business with Calendar Management

When you’re trying to manage care for many pets at once, as well as organizing your staff, a powerful calendar is essential. Our kennel software has a calendar featuring four different views, from a high-level overview to granular detail, so you can quickly find the information you need. The mobile-optimized calendar also integrates with Google Calendar and Google Maps for convenient on-the-go use.

View, manage, and schedule appointments for grooming, training, drivers, and more within the calendar. Manage runs by blocking them out for periods of time or designating by pet type or by purpose, like all multi-day guests. In addition to organizing pets, you can also manage individual staff calendars all in one easy-to-use system.

Organise your business and be in control

Powerful in-depth reporting allowing you to review your sales per service, payment type and date.

All customer and reservation information is at your finger tips, making your daily operations and annual inspections a breeze

Cloud-Based Dog Boarding Software Is Easier To Manage

Revelation Pets is cloud-based, so our kennel software is available online 24/7 with your web browser or mobile device. It’s easy to use and access for both you and your customers.

With no software to install and no complicated setup process, choosing Revelation Pets is a simple upgrade with a big impact. We also take care of any necessary backups, software updates, and customer support, leaving more time for you to focus on your business.

Make Life Easier with Our Kennel Software Integrations


Connect to MailChimp’s marketing services.


Works with Quickbooks accounting software.

Google Calendar

Connect your schedule to Google Calendar.


Revelation Pets can connect to a variety of popular APIs.


Integrate with Xero accounting software.

2-way SMS

Send SMS messages back and forth to customers.


Accept customer payments using Stripe.


Integrate with Square as a payment option.

Revelation Pets Payment

Process payments with Revelation Pets Payment.

What do our dog boarding software customers say?

"I absolutely love this Kennel Software. Easy for my customers and easy for me" - Mary Ann V

This Kennel Software is great value for money

Number one is the web-based functionality. I can update things on my phone or iPad, and I don't have to lug my laptop around with me.

I really like the ability for my customers to be able to set up bookings online, as it frees up my staff's time to take care of our business.

I also like the different tracking features, such as vaccines and birthdays.

The customer service is excellent, and they are very good about incorporating user feedback into updates.

Justin M

Amazing Kennel Software

Pros: I just love Revelation Pets software. It is very easy to set up.

You can just keep everything up to date all the time very quickly.

Cons: There is      nothing at all to dislike.

Overall: Revelation Pets has taken away the paperwork for each customer which was time-consuming. 

Melanie P

Comprehensive, user-friendly, problem-solving software

As I was trying to think of what I love best about this software, I realized we would be terribly lost without it.

It is easy to use, can be customized for any sized business, and the support is amazing. My (very) technologically challenged assistant is able to use Revelation Pets with minimal frustration.

We have been able to decrease the amount of time we need to spend in the office by using the automated features, like vaccine expiry alerts, booking reminder emails, and online booking. 

Ashley H

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