Free Kennel Software Review

In this article we look at the different approachs that sxoftware vendors provide "Free Software" and the pros and cons of it

There are different types of Free Software

Free Kennel Software – where the basic version of the software is available for use, often with limitations. The company that hosts/maintains the software covers their operational costs with the hope that the user will upgrade to the premium features or is OK with constant advertising.

Ultimately the software vendor wants you to pay for the software and will encourage you to upgrade. If the software "as it is" suits your business in the immediate and foreseeable future, then this will work well. However, if the software isn’t the right fit and you are then locked into the software as you begin to grow, it may present an issue (i.e. you will have to upgrade) or move to different software.

Open Source Kennel Software – this software can be downloaded entirely from the vendor's site, and the code can be changed to suit your business need.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages with this using this type of software:

• Technical know how – you will need to be technically skilled to install and configure the code
• Supportability – If the product has issues, you will need to ask on support forums, debug yourself or pay for premium support
• Upgrade issues – if you modify the code and a new version is released you will need to reapply all the changes again. And retest. Thoroughly.

Therefore although Open Source sounds Free, there are potential hidden costs that you need to be aware of.

Cloud-based Kennel software

Is often paid by a subscription service – e.g. Monthly. There are great flexibilities with this such as flexibility of costs and the ability to use on many internet connected devices.


• Lack of control – the vendor decides what features to build next and they may not be what you want
• Security and data concerns – your data is in the cloud, and you need to be confident that the data is safe
• Internet – if you lose the internet at your facility, then you lose access to your bookings. (A mobile/cell device can be a good backup at these times)
• Performance – depending upon where the web server(s) are, the performance of the application can vary


• Lower initial costs – Traditional software purchases involved a significant investment that introduced an element of risk. Online kennel software reduces this risk by offering a low upfront cost.
• Zero operational responsibilities – Penetration + security defence and built and configure, the resilience of infrastructure and software, overnight technical support team management is taken care of for you. All of these concerns are outsourced to the software vendor, leaving you to manage your business
• Easy upgrades – The vendor will upgrade the software and the hardware – managing browser changes, feature changes requested from users and the application of security patches 

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