Building a Cattery / Kennel - Inspiration

Are you starting a new cattery or Kennel business or thinking of expanding or improving an existing one? If so, we’ve rounded up some great ideas from professionals who have already completed this type of project successfully.

To get started, you will want to investigate certain aspects of the project, especially if you are interested in erecting a new building for your facility.

Planning applications and permits
Building regulations
Zoning issues, especially if in a residential area
Property access, if large tools and tractors are needed
Design of your facility
Waste management
Building material sources and costs
Safety (during construction and safety of actual structure)
Planning the phases of the build
And that’s BEFORE you even get started! But don’t worry, it will all be worth it. You will be helping precious animals find comfort in their home away from home.

Inspirational Videos

Here are a couple of videos with good ideas and inspiration for cat condos and main facilities.

From Shed to Cattery (from Deloraine Cattery)

Hedgerows UPVc Cattery (from Peticular Pens)

Watch these

Inspirational Kennel Cattery Videos

From Shed to Cattery

We have turned our big shed into more cattery space, take a look and check out what we have done. Please feel free to call in and take a look. Deloraine cattery

Hedgerows UPVc Cattery by Peticular Pens

A unique hygienic UPVc cattery block for Hedgerows Cattery and Doolittles Pet Hotel in Alpington Norwich (, 10 double insulated secure indoor cat pens and kitchen area, designed, manufactured and constructed June 2014 by Peticular Pens

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